What to expect?

your photo session with us




And thank you for letting us be a part of your story!

Below are a few tips to get you ready for our session. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at hello@picsea.co.

Daniela Rey
Founder and Photographer at Picsea



Before your session


What to wear?

Clothing in cream, white, grey, denim and other neutral tones tend to make for more timeless photographs. Please avoid large logos and busy patterns.

Feel free to bring any hats, headbands, or toys you'd like to include in your session. A hair brush might be a good idea too if you're worried about unruly hair.

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest



During your session

Babies and toddlers are unpredictable. Please don’t stress about the session and your kids cooperation. We're experienced in photographing children and we do our job best if you act like any other day. Focus on connecting with your family and enjoy the experience as an opportunity to capture the love that exists between all of you. 

We often find that the less instructions you give them and the calmer and quieter you are during the session, the more curious and engaged your child will be. Let your photographer give the instructions and find playful ways to make your child look at the camera. Please avoid calling or singing to your child during the session as that will make him look at you, not at the camera.

Relax and enjoy the moment, your child will connect with your calm energy.

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After your session

Your photos will be ready within 72 hours of your session. Depending on the length of the session you can expect somewhere between 10 to 50 photos.


We'll send you an email with a link to your online gallery where you can download, share, and print your images.


We will send you a complimentary printed photo in the mail for you to enjoy.



We'll design and print a beautiful hardcover photo book for you every year you book three or more sessions with us. 




Share your favorite photos on Instagram and tag @Picsea so we can find you!

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