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Babies grow up very fast. The chance to capture their tiny features, first milestones, and curious looks means you will have something to look back to and remember forever.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your story!

Daniela Rey
Founder and Photographer at Picsea





After checkout, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your session. If you don't see a time that works for you, email us and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Most sessions are scheduled during weekdays between 9a - 12p. If you are hoping to schedule a session during a special occasion, make sure to reserve at least two weeks in advance. 

Newborn sessions: One week after birth is a great time to schedule your first session. Newborn sessions usually last a little longer to allow enough time to feed and comfort baby whenever needed.


Before your session

Everything is new with a small baby at home and it can take time for you to get into a rhythm with new sleep and meal schedules. However, if you manage to have baby ready and fed by the session’s start time, there can be time for more photos. Pauses to feed, soothe, and change diapers are expected and very welcomed.


What to wear?

Clothing in cream, white, grey and other neutral tones tend to make for more timeless photographs. Please avoid large logos and busy patterns.

Set aside any hats, headbands, blankets or diaper covers you might want to use during your session.

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Heirlooms: Let your Picsea photographer know of any objects with sentimental value you would like to include in your session. Set them aside for the day of the session and we will find a way to incorporate them into your story.


During your session

Babies and toddlers are unpredictable. Please don’t stress about the results of the session. Your Picsea photographer is experienced in photographing children. We know what to expect and we don’t expect a smiling, still, and tidy child. In fact, those photos are rarely the special ones. 


Relax and enjoy the moment, your child will connect with your calm energy.

Picsea Candid Collage.jpg
Keeping it real: Your photographer will go with the natural flow of the session and continue to photograph during caregiving activities –as much as you are comfortable with. The goal of these sessions ins't to have social media worthy photos –although you bet there will be plenty! Still, the goal is to capture your baby's life for posterity, as it really is right now. Please don't worry about looking perfect. Just imagine how special it will be for you, your kids, and their kids, to take a peek into your life as it was today.

Baby doesn’t have to look at the camera, she doesn’t have to smile or stand or sit or do anything. Please don’t rush during feedings and changes. Give it the time and connect with your baby like you would otherwise. We want to capture the story of your baby’s life as-it-is. This is specially important if you signed up for monthly sessions. Yes, every month we'll capture your baby's milestones, but the magic goes far beyond that.

We may suggest mild posing every now and then if we feel like we can truly recreate something that happens in your life. We may also recreate monthly photos to track baby's growth. But for the most part we are keeping the sessions as unposed and unplanned as possible. Let's be honest, a day with a baby rarely goes as planned anyway.

Picsea baby-photos-month-by-month-2.jpg


After your session

Your photos will be ready within ten days of your session.  You can expect somewhere between 20 to 50 images.


We'll send you an email with a link to your online gallery where you can download, share, and print your images.



We'll design and print a beautiful hardcover photo book for you every year you book three or more sessions with us.




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