Mindful Mama S.O.S - Mindfulness Starter Kit

Mindful Mama S.O.S - Mindfulness Starter Kit


Hi mama,

My family and I created a sacred space in our home for authentic and free self expression. They like to call it the ‘fun room’. A small third bedroom in our condo where we slow down, sit on the floor, listen to records, color, dance, stretch our bodies, meditate, play the guitar, read a book ... whatever our heart calls us to do. 

I’ve found that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, unable to shake off anxiety and the stress of the day, I can walk in, sit on the floor, light a candle, use it to burn a stick of palo santo and breath in the aroma. Small simple steps that help me slow down and calm my nervous system down.

This little box contains what you need to start a small (or big!) mindful space in your home. You could buy an essential oil diffuser, add crystals, plants, imagery that inspires you, or anything else that helps soothe you and bring you back to your body and the present moment. But remember, the simplest and most effective tool to find peace anywhere is with you always — your breath.

Deep breaths my dear mama. And please stay in touch. We’re stronger together! 


The box includes:

  • 1 bundle of palo santo (3 sticks)

  • 2 taper candles

  • 1 taper candle holder

  • 1 grounding essential oil blend

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