Women Supporting Women


A long time ago women supported one another. Villages of women bled together, took care of each other during the postpartum months, and grew older and wiser and respected. Women trusted and supported their community, and life – and certainly parenting – were easier because of it.

Over the centuries patriarchy played a role in dismantling what was once a strong sense a connection and togetherness. Community, the sharing of wisdom and our connection with our own bodies replaced by distrust and competition.

These photos are a collaboration between 3 mamas: postpartum doula Lauren Archer, Priscilla Ruiz and I, and it aims to celebrate our connection with our bodies and to inspire a deeper conversation about our need for community as women and mothers.

Ladies, let's understand our cycles and learn to love and honor our hormones. Let's demand the time and space to heal and care for our offspring postpartum and beyond. Let's notice every time we compare to others, every time we hate our bodies or judge someone else's. And most importantly, let's come together again. A great way to do that is by joining a women circle in your area. By gathering together to talk about our challenges, we can truly move forward and begin to heal and reconnect collectively.