This New Kind of Parenting


Parents used to think babies came to the world as blank canvases. Containers for the kind of person they needed to create in them.

Parenting was the “making” of an adult who would fit in whatever mold society thought was appropriate.

Now we know babies are full human beings from the start. Each one with their own personality, yet to be discovered. And now we redefine our role as parents, not as makers of people, but as mindful guides and supporters.

I believe my goal as a mother is to honor my daughter’s true self - even when I can’t really see it, while continuing to discover my own. Respect, love, clear boundaries and kindness for those moments when one or both of us aren’t able to be our best.  

Photos from a motherhood session in Burbank, CA.

Photos from a motherhood session in Burbank, CA.

When I start a session, I find the time to connect eye to eye with everyone, and that includes newborn babies (if they're awake). I want them to know  I see them and respect their space, even when I’m putting a big black camera in between us for a bit. I tell them I will pick them up before I launch my arms at them. They might not be able to answer, and maybe won't even understand, but I believe they can sense my energy. Open, respectful, patient, trustworthy. Everyone’s true nature is unique and sovereign and I believe my job in this planet is to recognize that uniqueness in each person I connect with.