The first 12 months with your baby.


"Parenting ... the days are long but the years are short."


Having a baby is one of the most (if not the most) intense, life-altering experiences. It's not every day you bring home a new tiny human being that needs attention 24 hours a day and is 100% dependent on you. For the first months, your life literally gravitates around baby's needs. Even taking a shower might be almost impossible!

The fact though is that these intense months end, and by the first birthday your little helpless baby is replaced by an energetic toddler fiercely craving more independence that he can even manage. Crazy huh? All those sleepless nights, the missed adult outings, and growth spurts and teething episodes that required more patience than anything, in fact, do end. Gone forever. Replaced by a sense of nostalgia for all that it was and will never be again.

This is why I began to make baby books. Because I come to you multiple times in that first year with baby. Every time we capture a little bit of the magic that is happening then. Every month is different because babies grow surprisingly fast. And by the end of the year we design your baby book as a place to hold those moments forever.

We recently finished Devi's first 12 months, with 13 sessions including her birthday party. So here you have them. Proof that change happens fast, and photos capture each stage beautifully.


The first session was a sweet sleepy puddle.  We focused on capturing Devi's home, her pets, and all her tiny features. 


Month 4 was all about Devi's connection with her mama. Risa runs a busy marketing agency in Burbank. She took maternity leave for the first few months, and then resumed some of her work responsibilities from home with the assistance of family and a baby sitter. So even with work, she was always available for Devi and it was important to capture not only their connection, but also the caregiving activities that happened throughout each day.


Dad was home for month 7 so we focused on capturing the time they usually spent together. Devi was sitting unassisted at this point so the photo ops multiplied and she looked happy and proud of her newly found independence.

los-angeles-newborn-photographer-baby-photos-12 copy.jpg

Month 12 was tough. Something was up and we assumed it was teething. Devi wanted cuddles more than anything so I quietly captured both her parents taking turns in supporting her. It was a challenging moment that I'm glad was captured in photos. When things get hard it's difficult to see the beauty in the struggle. But once the images came out, it was clear the entire family would appreciate those memories.

Life is busy with a baby. There's no denying that. But time will pass and you'll forget how intense life was first months. Keep your baby book, and you'll always have a place to look back and remember.

Devi First Year.jpg