Conscious feeding


I loved photographing Danielle at her home a few months back, and it made me realize something important. 

During the session, I noticed how she was feeding her daughter and it surprised me in a way that I'm surprised that it surprised me – that was fun to write. She feeds her formula because the shape of her nipples didn't allow for breastfeeding. So she prepared a bottle and then held it while Samaya drank from it. At times she was leaning so close, it reminded me of having my daughter close during feedings (from the breast in my case).

She looked at her and talked to her and kept her company while she ate.

I know that one of the advantages of bottle feeding is that sometimes you can use a blanket or a pillow to prop a bottle up while you claim your own arms for yourself for just a minute (please!). So I think this might be why it surprised me. 

Point is that it was the most beautiful sight to see.


I love creating images like this.

Mamas consciously feeding (diaper changing, burping, etc.) and connecting with their babies. Moments of inclusion and focused attention that are so valuable in deepening our relationship as mothers and for babies to feel a sense of security they need to grow without fear. 

And of course that not every feeding will look like this! It's not about being the perfect 100% mama, but to get the pleasure of enjoying mindful moments like these. I know I spent quite a few days with a baby latched on my breast and my attention fully on the television. #growthspurts