5 years of motherhood


This photo is an oldie from 5 years ago. I was excited, tired and full of fear. You know how it goes ... I look at that face and feel so much love and compassion. I had no idea what was coming!!

A sweet mama to be already trying her best to be a good one. Reading the parenting books, hydrating and eating enough, meditating and sleeping a ton. Because boy was I always tired! I wasn’t perfect though. I struggled with eating enough calories because I could only handle very small portions (small body packed with a growing baby). I was too tired to do any physical activity and lost all the muscle in my body. And I had my wines and my sushis here and there ... although I had an amazing OB who didn’t think those were strict no-no’s. 5 years sure have gone fast. A good reminder to document your family story with photos