Why you should hire a baby photographer.


When you find out you’re pregnant, things move fast. One moment you’re celebrating making it past the first trimester and freaking out about delivery. Soon after you find yourself tired and heavy, and whatever fear you had of pushing that baby out vanishes because that baby needs to come out ASAP. In the blink of an eye, you’re in the delivery room; totally responsible for the gentle and gorgeous life you’ve created. While getting a registry together and setting up the nursery, have you thought of scheduling at least one session of baby photos? 

Life at home with a baby is a big adjustment. We've been there, so we know it is sometimes easy to miss the beauty that goes along with the challenges. If you live in Los Angeles, one photo service you don’t want to miss out on is Picsea. Here’s what you need to know. 


Monthly Baby Photos in Los Angeles


The Gift of Picsea

Picsea offers maternity, birth, newborn and baby photos by experienced local baby photographers. Choose anywhere from one single session to monthly visits (12 sessions in a year). Regular sessions capture how fast your baby changes and grows. Imagine ending every year with a custom book full of beautiful pictures. What better way to keep these first years in your memories?


Do you need a professional baby photographer in Los Angeles


What Makes Picsea Special

Picsea sessions of photos are short and casual. The style is bright, un-posed and natural. The goal is to capture real moments and your baby milestones. 

The beauty of genuine photographs of genuine moments is that they document life as it really is. When I was pregnant I loved looking at old photo albums of my mother when she was pregnant and later caring for her new baby (me). It was incredible to see what she had gone through and compare it with my own experience.


Why hire a baby photographer in Los Angeles


The Comfort of Home

Except for in-hospital birth photos, all our sessions happen in the comfort of your own home. That means not having to get ready and leave the house for each session, no travel, no LA traffic, no stress, and your baby will be captured in your regular environment, raw and real. Some of the best and most treasured pictures are captured when people look and act casual, just living one moment in life, un-posed and unscripted.


Do you need a baby photographer in Los Angeles


How It Works

You get short, casual photo shoots for a reasonable price. You are in charge of how often you want to invite a photographer into your home, and what you cover in each session since the photographer goes with the flow of your family dynamic. 

Every session includes:

  1. an experienced baby photographer who comes to you for a short and casual photo shoot 
  2. a private online gallery with all your fully edited digital photos to download, share and print freely 
  3. a curated selection of your photos (usually 10) printed professionally at a photo lab and mailed to you 

If that wasn’t enough, every year you book more than two sessions, Picsea designs and prints a custom, hard-cover photo book of your baby’s year in photos. Forget sitting fees, and hidden photographer’s costs - pricing is simple and your photographs are easy to access, print, and share with extended family and friends. 


Why hire a baby photographer in Los Angeles


The Value of Pictures

When you start your own family, all moments are special. If you choose to get monthly baby photos taken, your children will love looking back and seeing what they looked like when they were first born, and as they grew into the person they’ve become. Your family will treasure those photo books forever because they tell the story of how your family started. Photos show how beautiful your baby looked growing and reaching each milestone, what they looked like when they were eating, getting changed, taking a bath, and even fast asleep.

Don’t let your newborn photos slip away from you. Picsea will take care of your most precious moments and will leave you with lots of memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!