Our favorite props for baby photos.

Best props for baby photos

You may not think about this yet, as you cuddle your little, swaddled up burrito; but one day, you won’t have that swaddle around anymore. Your baby will be too busy crawling or running to ever want to be confined like a sack of flour again! While you pass the swaddle along to those who may need it, you can capture the look and emotion behind it. Posing your baby using photo props at a studio is nice, but professional photos at home that include your favorite things and capture the real moments is nicer. Read on to learn about the top baby items you should consider preserving on photography!

Best props for baby photos

1. Family Keepsakes

Many families have keepsakes that travel through generations. For example, when my daughter was born we dressed her in a white shirt stitched with a delicate pink ribbon. That tiny shirt had also dressed me on the day I was born, as well as my dad and his dad before him. Isn't that incredible? 


2. Blankie

Whether you call it a blankie, or lovie, one thing’s for sure, your baby probably couldn’t have survived without it! It withstood multiple washings, floor dragging, stains, and frays. But, no matter what, it brought comfort and joy to your little one’s days and nights. Have your LA photographer take pictures of your baby as they are wrapped up in their blanket, or rubbing it between their fingers at nap time. An action shot also makes a great commemoration piece, showing your child how hard they used their blanket. 


3. Hat

Does your baby have a hat you just don’t ever want to part with? Well, you technically don’t have to. While it may not fit their head anymore, what it looked like and how your child looked wearing it will always be captured in a photo. And better do it before your baby realizes how to take that hat off. The days are counted!

Best props for baby photos

4. Stuffed Animal

Does your baby have a favorite teddy bear? Maybe they prefer a cartoon character or plush toy that was with them since birth. Preserve their favorite friend forever by having your child give it a hug, host a tea party with it, or take it for a ride in their stroller. 


5. Rocking Chair

Is your nursery decorated with a tiny rocking chair or rocking horse? Around 6 months, when your baby starts sitting all by himself, we discover a whole world of new photo possibilities. Tiny chairs, horses etc. are great ways to capture this giant milestone.


6. First Shoes

Those little, perfect feet and tiny precious shoes are perfect to take a picture of, because everyone knows just how quickly babies grow! A bonus? They’ll always stay clean and in pristine condition when framed.

Photos of babies with pets

7. Pets

Pets stay with us for a short amount of time. Your baby or child is probably taken with your feline or fido. Allow Picsea to snap unposed, everyday moments with your little one and their furry friend!

When you use Picsea, you will get genuine photographs that are meaningful to you and your baby. These items aren’t just props; they are a part of your baby’s everyday life. And, due to the fact that they most likely won’t stay with your baby forever, they can become a “forever” item when photographed.