Hi! I'm Daniela

Let me introduce myself.

Photo by  Ilene Squires

Photo by Ilene Squires


I like to explore life through the lens of my camera. Becoming a mother, raising children, having a family. At home, I raise my almost 6-year-old and sometimes she raises me. At work, I shoot and share my story and those of my clients, slowly weaving our motherhood stories together. Like it should be.

I live in Los Angeles with my daughter Amelie, and my husband Grant. Before Grant, I was a single mama. With a job and a daycare, both running full time. It was just her and I for almost 4 years and during that time photography gave me purpose. It was an outlet when I really needed one, and maybe a way to feel seen, remembered.

There’s this photo for example. My mom was visiting from Colombia and I asked her to take it for me. We’re in our bed, behind me the rail I used so she wouldn’t fall at night. I can tell we were breastfeeding, it was always so soothing for me. I’m glad I got rid of that crooked lamp but I will always treasure this photo. I want you to have photos you’ll want to treasure too.

Photo by my mom

Photo by my mom


I want to hold space for you and your journey as a mother. To honor the phase you’re in.

I want to help you preserve your story right where it’s happening — your home. You don’t need to write a book or post on social media if that’s not your thing. But I hope that when your kids are all grown up and ask what life was like in those early years, you’ll have something to show them. Your home, their little bodies, the tears, the feedings and the diaper changes; but most importantly, their parents who kept them alive and loved them through the years.


Ok, so now you know me. It's my turn to get to know you. Email me any time with questions, and of course, when you’re ready to book a session!


With over a decade of experience in design, branding and communications, I’m your girl if you’re looking to create brand-specific content. I hold a master in corporate communication from the University of Barcelona, Spain and before taking the leap into entrepreneurship I followed the path from graphic designer up to creative director, producing content for clients like Disney, PBS, and Columbia University. Let's create images that support your brand's vision and help you connect with other moms and new customers everywhere!