Hi! I'm Daniela

Let me introduce myself.

 Photo by  Ilene Squires

Photo by Ilene Squires


I have a way of seeing the world, like everyone has. And

Can I tell you my story?

. Becoming a mother, raising children, having a family. In fact, most of my life revolves around motherhood these days. At home, I raise my daughter through inner struggles, adjustments and a love that is endless. At work, I shoot and share my stories and those of my clients, slowly weaving our motherhood stories together. Like it should be.

I live in Los Angeles with my daughter Amelie, and my husband Grant. But before I met Grant, I had been a single mama since my daughter was about 5 months old. So for 4 years it was just us two. And since our time together was limited by my full time job, I found in photography not only a creative outlet, but also a way to celebrate and hold onto my life with her. I look at our photos now and they take me back to days that are long gone, but so dear. With small kids, one year alone is a sea of change and milestones, it's hard to believe that some of those photos are only a couple years old!


So I take photos because life keeps on going. Babies keep on growing. We keep on loving them, and the photographs stay with us forever.


I heard a mama say she didn’t have any photos of her during pregnancy. She said it in passing, but as a motherhood photographer I was stuck on those words. Maybe it's because I'm a visual thinker, but I felt a sense of loss for that part of her story that is long gone and she couldn't show me. Unfortunately this is a story I hear over and over: Regret for not having images to remember those days with. A belly so big you couldn't see your feet, life at home with a tiny baby and spit up stains all over your clothes, or what about all the laughs, hugs and wet kisses your toddler gives you that are hard to capture alone? 


If mamas are taking the bulk of the photos on their phone, then who’s capturing the beauty of being a mama?


A session of photos with me is laid back and meant to help you preserve your story right where it’s happening — your home. My goal is that you’re able to tell your story. It doesn’t mean you need to write a book or post on social media if that’s not your thing. It means that when your kids are all grown up and ask what life was like in those early years, you’ll have something to show them. Your home, their first bedroom, the tears, the feedings and the diaper changes; but most importantly, their mother who loved and raised them through sleepless nights and endless amounts of patience — on good days :) 


I want to hold space for you and your journey as a mother. I've found a way to do that with photography.


Ok, so now you know me. It's my turn to get to know you! Email me your thoughts, and of course, whenever you're ready to book a session. Every day is a special occasion when you're raising little ones ... so don't wait too long! 

You Own a Business?

With over a decade-long experience in design, branding and communications, I’m your girl if you’re looking to create brand-specific content. I hold a Master in Corporate Communication from the University of Barcelona, Spain and before taking the leap into entrepreneurship I followed the path from graphic designer all the way up to creative director, producing content for clients like Disney, PBS, and Columbia University. Let's create images that support your brand's vision and help you connect with other moms and new customers everywhere.